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Two Camps to choose from, for an 
Amazing Stay!

Hasan Zawaideh started with one camp where a variety of tent types are available for booking. Recently a new camp site named Luxury Camp 2 has been developed to include more of the Martian tents, with up-scaled amenities and services. 

So when booking your stay on our website, you will have the option to choose from various tent types suitable for couples, families, as well as the new Martian tents at Luxury Camp 2.


We are ready to arrange tours for you upon arrival. 

Whatever your interest, we will accommodate you and customize

your own personal experience...

You are free to combine any of the following as you desire, but we have put together 3 unique packages that make it easier for you to decide:

Package 1:

1 hour camel tour + 4 hour jeep tour + 1 night in camp, Martian tent

2 people: 230 JD, 4 people: 420 JD, 6 people 630 JD

Package 2:

1 hour camel ride + 4 hours jeep tour + 1 night in desert (summer season only)

2 people: 110 JD, 4 people 180 JD, 6 people 260 JD

Package 3:

Hiking (Burdah & 2 rock bridges) with guide 3 hours + 4 hour jeep tour

+ 1 night in camp or in desert:

In desert = 2 people: 175 JD, 4 people 220 JD, 6 people 250 JD

In camp = 2 people: 280 JD, 4 people 520 JD, 6 people 740 JD

If you want to create your own program,

feel free to combine following activities depending on your wishes:

Prices for jeep tours:

2 hours 35 JD

3 hours 50 JD

4 hours 65 JD

6 hours 80 JD

Prices  for camel rides:

15 JD per hour per person

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