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Why Book Direct?

There are so many travel booking sites out there, and the prices may seem tempting, but there are so many more benefits to booking directly with us.

Benefits of Booking Direct



While booking through a booking site seems like a good deal, here's why booking directly with us is the smart choice:


Enjoy the lowest rates when you book directly through our website.

Eco-Friendly Design

Booking directly with the hotel cuts out the middleman, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck. Travel sites have hidden fees that must be covered by both you and the accommodation which increase the costs of your stay.


Take advantage of exclusive offers.

When you book direct with our desert camp, you gain access special promotions, packages, and discounts that are available only to those who book directly with us.

24/7 Support


Flexible cancellations and changes with quick responses.

Multilingual Functionality

Life happens, and plans may change. We understand your plans might be fluid. When you book and communicate directly with us, we can help with cancellations and changes quickly. Through booking sights, when we have to communicate through unresponsive middle men, things go awry quickly. Booking sights often have their own cancellation policies we need to navigate too.


No hidden fees.

Advanced Tech

Travel sites have hidden fees that must be covered by both of us which increases the costs of your stay. Book directly to avoid all those fees, get transparent pricing, and save!


Direct communication makes for a peaceful experience.

Enjoy a more personalized experience from the moment you arrive, until you depart. Like we mentioned before, it's so much easier keeping in touch and having your needs met directly through the hotel, versus playing telephone through a booking site.

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