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Hasan Zawaideh Camp

Experience Martian Tents in the Wadi Rum desert and embark on unforgettable desert tours.




At Hasan Zawaideh Camp, we have over 80 tents. We can accomodate all budgets and parties. Each of our Deluxe Tents and Martian Tents can be configured to fit parties between 1 and 5, include a private bathroom, as well as several other amenities.

Martian Tents

Immerse yourself in a truly otherworldly experience with our exclusive Martian tents tucked away in the Wadi Rum desert.

wadi rum desert camp martian tent interior
wadi rum desert camp martian tent

Deluxe Tent

Comfortable and spacious, with a private bathroom, our deluxe tents all have the large window to view the desert. 

wadi rum luxury deluxe desert tent at hasan zawaideh camp
wadi rum desert camp deluxe tents


Comfortable and spacious, with a private bathroom, our tents all have the large windows to view the desert and top notch amenities.

luxury glamping martian tent in wadi rum
wadi rum luxury martian tent at hasan zawaideh camp


Based in the pristine settings of Wadi Rum desert, there's an abundance of things to do, and sights to see right on our doorstep. From thrilling Jeep tours exploring the Seven Pillars of Wisdom to mesmerizing stargazing adventures under the vast desert sky, our diverse offerings cater to every adventurer.

Jeep Tours

Climb into the back of one of our Jeeps, and let our guides take you around all of the must see sights.

wadi rum desert tours seven pillars
wadi rum desert jeep tour

Stargazing Tours

a team of professional astronomers take you out to look at the beauty of the desert night sky.

wadi rum desert camping
wadi rum desert activities star gazing

Hiking Tours

Adventure on your own two feet. Note: this tour requires cost for a jeep and a guide.

Wadi rum desert activities and tours
wadi rum hiking tours

What Our Guests Say

Curious about the Hasan Zawaideh Camp experience? Hear it directly from our cherished guests!


Contact Us

Whatever your question, we've got a team on hand to help. We understand that everybody wants their vacations to be as smooth as possible. Whether your would like to know more about the facilities or rooms at Hasan Zawaideh Camp, or to pre-book one of our spectacular tours, get in touch.

Hasan Zawaideh Camp

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